Retirement living does not mean falling out of touch with friends

by the Editor, SeniorInsider | Jun 02, 2011

You might believe that if you move to one of the many over 55 communities or enroll in retirement living, that it will be more difficult to keep in touch with your old friends, but this doesn't have to be the case. The world of communication has changed remarkably in the last 20 years, thanks to the Internet. Technology has brought about nothing short of a revolution in the arena of communication and interpersonal interaction. If you have not already embraced some of the different ways that you can communication online, now is the time to start. After all, your friends are likely already there waiting for you!

Over 55 Communities, Retirement Living and the Internet

When you move into one of the over 55 communities or retirement living options, this is by no means the end of your communication options with your friends. In fact, once that you have retired, you are likely to have more time for communicating with your friends than ever. The Internet has created a wide range of tools that will allow you to do just that. The real question is which of these different options are best for you?

Social Networking Options in Over 55 Communities

There are lots of good online options for communication and best of all, they are usually free. If you want to keep your friends up to date as to what you are doing there are lots of easy ways to do just that. Social networking sites stand out as a great option for those looking for easy ways to communication with their friends.

For example, Facebook affords you the option to have live instant messaging chats with people or send them emails to their Facebook accounts. Thus, moving into one of the over 55 communities or retirement living facilities absolutely does not mean that communication with your friends is at an end.

Blogging and Communicating with Your Friends

Blogging has been made very easy thanks to sites such as Blogger and WordPress. These sites have been designed to facilitate ease of use and thus ease of communication. Starting your own blog and sharing it with your friends and family is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with them as they can also email you regarding your latest and greatest postings!

Communication Options for Retirement Living

Quite often retirement communities have up-to-date computer facilities that provide residents with easy access to technology. Many will even have options like Skype set up for people to use. Skype is a great way to communicate, as you can talk to your friends and see them on the computer at the same time.

Stay Proactive in Over 55 Communities and Retirement Living Facilities

While we have been focusing on the Internet there is nothing that says that you can't just pick up the phone and call your friends. Yes, even in this decidedly digital age, the phone still works and works quite well! The main point is that you are proactive, whether you are living in one of the over 55 communities, a retirement living facility or anywhere else.

Reaching out and making contact with your friends and family is the best way to make sure that communication lines stay open. After all, you want to be kept up to date on what is going on in their lives. You can also consider senior travel options and maybe planning a trip in the coming years.

By focusing on positive topics and being interested in what your friends and relatives are doing, you will find that they look forward to hearing from you whether it is on Facebook, through your blog postings or via telephone. Staying in touch is, of course, a two-way street and that means you need to be sure that you are doing your part.



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