Home services that can help you with caregiving

by the Editor, SeniorInsider | Jun 01, 2011

There are a wide variety of care giving home services that can considerably ease your burden in caring for an elderly relative or friend. Care giving is stressful and it can seem as though your entire life is consumed with your care of the elderly person.  There are, however, more and more elder home care services that can give you the respite you need in your daily care giving duties. The array of services may be somewhat dependent on where you life; those who live in a larger city are likely to have access to more services than those who reside in smaller towns. Although it requires some time and research, the services you uncover can give you back a portion of the life you have given up for taking care of a loved one.

Basic Care Giving Services

Almost all communities have some form of Meals on Wheels, a service which delivers nutritious daily meals to seniors. There are more than 5,000 such senior nutrition programs across the United States and it is believed that this program may have the largest number of volunteers in the nation. If your loved one often forgets to eat, is physically unable to prepare meals, or just doesn’t like preparing meals for one, then Meals on Wheels is a great service to look into.

Home health services are also generally available in most communities; check with your local hospital, senior center or chamber of commerce in order to find home health care giving services. Hospice care should also be available in your area. Your loved one’s primary care physician can probably point you in the right direction should you need such expanded medical services. Care giving duties can be made considerably easier when hospice and home health services are utilized.

Finally, in some cities, a program known as Expanded In-home Service for the Elderly Program (EISEP) can assist you in your daily care giving tasks by providing non-medical, in-home services such as housekeeping, personal care, respite, case management, emergency response systems and other such related services. The goal of EISEP is to provide supplemental support to the family members who are engaged in daily care giving for their senior. EISEP is billed on a sliding scale, based on the senior’s income, and can range from full-cost to no-cost at all.  EISEP is typically used for care giving respite when the elderly person does not qualify for Medicaid, is older than 60, and needs help with everyday activities such as dressing, personal care, shopping or cooking.

Care Giving Services for Medical Help

For seniors who need more extensive medical care giving services, home health care may be available. Home health care is skilled nursing care and other specific health care services which the senior receives in their own home following an illness or injury. Medicare beneficiaries can receive home health care benefits as long as it is prescribed by their physician. If the senior requires intermittent physical therapy, speech language services or skilled nursing care and is homebound, they can likely receive home health care services.

Care Giving Services for Personal Care

Home care is available for seniors who need help around their home, or help with personal care matters such as bathing and dressing.  Home care can cover light housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, helping the senior to bathe and get dressed in the mornings, preparing meals, and even running errands and taking the senior to visit friends and family members.

Care Giving Financial Help

If you are the primary caregiver for a loved one, then you should look into all avenues of financing their home care services. Medicare and Medicaid are the first places to look for financial aid, and if the senior is a veteran or the spouse of a veteran they may qualify for VA benefits for home care. You should also check with your local senior center as they can have great resources for obtaining care giving services and paying for them as well.



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