10 sensible exercise tips for elderly active living

by the Editor, SeniorInsider | May 26, 2011

 There are many changes that occur in aging bodies, but that doesn’t mean that elderly active living is out of the question. The fact is that if you begin working out at any age, you can greatly increase your muscle mass, your bone density and even your balance and coordination. In short, working out at any age is just plain smart!

Over 65 Exercises That You Can Do Now

Your first step in getting back in shape, regardless of your age, is simply to start moving in some form or another. In this article, we will look at 10 different ways that you can begin to workout safely and make the most out of your time exercising.

Before you begin any workout regime, however, make sure that you have a discussion with your doctor regarding your current level of fitness. Every medical situation and physical fitness situation is different. Keep this fact in mind before you “hit the gym” as though you were 18 or even 30!

Tip #1 for Over 65 Exercises - Start Slowly

Elderly active living can have many faces, and one of those faces is being physically fit. However, it goes without saying that if you are injured, the “game” is over for you. This means that you will not accomplish any of your physical fitness goals! Having good senior mobility is essential, and you do not want to jeopardize your level of mobility by getting injured.

Tip #2 for Over 65 Exercises - Pick Smart Exercises

Exercising may seem tough enough, especially if you haven’t worked out in years, so don’t pick exercises that you hate or don’t enjoy. There are lots of ways to get fit at any age, but picking a workout that you don’t like may require superhuman willpower.

Tip #3 for Over 65 Exercises - Walk It Off

Walking doesn’t get the enormous credit that it deserves. Elderly active living can be enhanced a great deal with the power of walking. Walking has so many benefits that it should never be overlooked. Walking is low-impact, has a low risk of injury, and is an exercise that most individuals can start doing immediately. It is free, keeps joints lubricated, strengthens ligaments, gives a great cardiovascular workout and improves balance. In short, walking is a fantastic exercise!

Tip #4 for Over 65 Exercises - Work with a Pro

You might want to consider hiring a professional trainer to help get you back into shape. When you are considering a new trainer, look for one that has a good track record. Keep in mind that there are no laws governing who can and cannot call themselves a personal trainer, so buyer beware.

Tip #5 for Over 65 Exercises - If You Feel Pain, Stop

The idea of “no pain, no gain” isn’t for you, at least not if you want to keep injury free. If you ever feel pain, simply stop immediately.

Tip #6 for Over 65 Exercises - Keep a Good Log of Elderly Active Living Activities

You never will know just how much progress you are making if you don’t keep track of it! Elderly active living is quite possible. If you keep a record of your progress, you too will be a believer.

Tip #7 for Over 65 Exercises - Keep Hydrated

You may have heard that it is important to make sure you are hydrated when you are working out, but this tip is worth repeating.  You lose a great deal of fluids when you exercise, so keep the water flowing.

Tip #8 for Over 65 Exercises - It’s All About the Shoes

Whether you are simply walking, doing a little light weightlifting or have progressed to jogging, make sure you invest in the high quality footwear. Further, select footwear that is right for your activity. Good footwear will help you avoid injury.

Tip #9 for Over 65 Exercises - Set Smart Goals for Elderly Active Living

Don’t expect too much, too fast, as this is a recipe for total disaster. Your goal is to get in shape and stay healthy while doing it.

Tip #10 for Over 65 Exercises - Avoid Boredom, Change Your Routine

Senior active living means that you need to keep working out. By changing your routine and trying new exercises, you will avoid boredom and, in the process, you will miss fewer workouts.



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