FAQs about Alzheimer's housing and Alzheimer's home care

by the Editor, SeniorInsider | May 31, 2011

The decision to place a loved one in Alzheimer’s housing or find Alzheimer’s home care for a loved one is an important one and more than likely raises more than a few questions.  In this article, we will examine some of the frequently asked questions regarding Alzheimer’s home care and Alzheimer’s housing.

Remember that it is ultimately your responsibility to carefully evaluate those individuals, facilities and companies that are working with your loved ones and handling their Alzheimer’s living options.  Finding the best possible care is a weighty responsibility.  After all, Alzheimer’s patients can become a danger to themselves and others if they are not cared for properly.  However, with the right attention to detail and patience, you can find quality care options.

What is the Best way to Finding Alzheimer’s Housing and Alzheimer’s Home Care?

Alzheimer’s housing and home care differs from how you might normally find other forms of medical help and assistance.  The fact that your loved one may have difficulty relaying information about the quality of care and treatment he or she is receiving means that you need to be very diligent regarding whatever facility or Alzheimer’s home care specialist you are hiring.  The alternative could be rather serious and lead to significant problems.

Where Can I Go to Find Some Alzheimer’s Housing Options?

There are some online resources for finding housing and home care for Alzheimer’s patients.  The key in finding a good online resource is to look at the reputation of that resource.  For example, is the organization for profit or is it a non-profit organization?  Another key factor is whether or not the source of the information is an actual medical organization or another type of company.  Given the importance of this particular decision it is quite important that the source you use for your research is beyond reproach.

When considering facilities, you should check them out in person and make sure that they are clean and up to date. Care facilities should also have made certain concessions specifically for Alzheimer’s patients. For example, the doors should lock from inside, so that patients can’t accidentally wander outside and get lost or injured.

How Much Should I Depend Upon My Doctor for Finding Reliable Alzheimer’s Housing and Alzheimer’s Home Care?

One very common question is exactly how much one should depend upon medical professionals for help in finding Alzheimer’s housing and Alzheimer’s home care.   Ultimately, the only real way to answer this question is on a case-by-case basis, as doctors and their levels of knowledge and commitment vary to such a wide degree.  You may find that it is necessary to consult with several medical professionals before you ultimately find a facility that you feel confident in.  In other words, don’t be shy about shopping around, as this is a very important responsibility.

What is the Most Important Factors in Alzheimer's Home Care?

While it may be possible to debate what is the single most important factor in finding good and reliable home care, one factor does seem to logically stand above others.  The reputation of the facility and its track record are likely the most important factor that you should be considering when evaluating various options.

With a solid reputation comes experience, and it’s this “one-two punch” that should be indicate quality of service and reliability.  This is not to state that there are not other important factors.  It should be pointed out that you shouldn’t allow personality to win out over another candidate’s experience and knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease.  Providing Alzheimer’s care is serious and demanding work, and you want to hire someone that has experience and knows what he or she is doing.  How well your prospective candidate will perform his or her job is the most essential factor, so other considerations should be secondary.



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