Recognizing the onset of Alzheimer's and finding Alzheimer's living and Alzheimer's care options

by the Editor, SeniorInsider | Jun 02, 2011

Hearing that you or a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease is a difficult moment, but once a diagnosis is given, it is time to look for Alzheimer's care options.  When it comes to finding appropriate Alzheimer’s treatment, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the prospective options carefully.  In this article, we will take a closer look at recognizing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s as well as finding quality Alzheimer care.

Alzheimer’s Living: The Most Common Symptoms

There are six major signs of Alzheimer's disease.  It is important to remember that there can be other signs that impact Alzheimer’s living.  Since Alzheimer’s is a very complex disease and our understanding of it is still evolving, symptoms are evolving.

Warning Signs that Alzheimer’s Care Should be On the Horizon

While it is true that there are many symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and that many of those symptoms parallel to some extent dementia, the first symptom to look for is a sense of confusion.  This symptom can be a bit tricky for the average person to evaluate, due to the fact that confusion can mimic the signs of dementia.  It should also be noted that just because an elderly person is suffering from confusion, this does not mean that the person in question has Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory Decline, Loss of Language Skills and Personality Changes

The second major sign of Alzheimer’s is problems with memory.  Again, memory problems are not in and of themselves a symptom of Alzheimer’s.  Memory problems can have many causes and may be associated with problems related to dementia; they may also be temporary or the result of stress.  However, if you do see more than one of these symptoms and the symptoms are prolonged, then the very real possibility of dementia or Alzheimer’s does increase.

The third symptom of Alzheimer’s is a change in personality or behavior.  Since Alzheimer’s is a brain disease, it only makes sense that changes in personality or behavior could be observed.

A fourth symptom of Alzheimer's is manifested in the form of problems with language skills.  Much like a change in personality, language skills indicate that a key part of the brain, in particular the area responsible for language processing, could be damaged.

Alzheimer’s Living and Cognitive Impairment

General cognitive impairment is the fifth sign of Alzheimer's and is related to the sixth sign, which is difficulty with problem solving.  If solving basic problems or problems suddenly become difficult, then this could be an additional sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

When Is Alzheimer’s Care Necessary?

It can be difficult to assess when you or a loved one needs intervention and care.  As soon as you see conditions or situations pop up that can pose a risk for a patient or others, it is time to seek help with Alzheimer’s living.  Of course, no one likes to have his or her lifestyle disrupted.  However, at a certain point the risks become too great to ignore.  For example, patients may neglect to eat meals or even bathe.  Additionally, cooking or driving with cognitive impairments can be risky and even potentially fatal.  

Alzheimer’s Living and Alzheimer’s Care Options

Considering the general impact of these six Alzheimer’s symptoms, it is no great surprise to hear that Alzheimer living and Alzheimer’s care options often center on 24-hour a day care and supervision.  There are different kinds of facilities in this regard.  However, in general it is important to find a well-respected Alzheimer’s housing facility that has a proven track record of success and is run by a reputable staff.



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