Senior active living can slow the aging process

by Admin | May 24, 2011

There is just no way around it; exercises for elderly people have been proven as an effective way to slow down the aging process. This, of course, means that senior active living choices can have a profound impact on both mental and physical health as well as long-term mobility. If you are looking to maintain the ability to care for yourself late into life, it is time to start thinking about increasing your activity level.

Smart and Savvy Senior Active Living Choices

In recent years scientists discovered something truly remarkable about exercise and fitness. In particular, they discovered that exercise at virtually any age could have a quick and often profound impact on the health of people at any age, including elderly individuals. Researchers have learned that even individuals of advanced age show dramatic improvement on a variety of levels. For example, bone density and muscle strength dramatically improve in response to resistance training.

This is, of course, very good news for those interested in slowing the aging process. As it turns out, exercises for elderly individuals are far from being a waste of time.

Exercises for Elderly Individuals, Its Never Too Late!

Exercises for elderly people are able to improve the health in individuals at various ages. Of course, the real “trick” is that you don’t get injured in the process. Not moving ahead too fast and using proper caution are the first rules of exercise. Follow a smart exercise plan by using proper form, not pushing too hard or using too much weight. These are all key parts to exercise success and positive senior active living outcomes.

Smart Exercises for Elderly People

Your first move when you are looking to begin exercising is to consult your physician. After your doctor has given his or her approval for working out, you should consider finding a trainer that can help guide your process. Finding a trainer that has a good reputation and preferably a history of working with seniors is a next step.

Swimming is a Good Idea for Active Senior Living

Some good exercises for elderly people include swimming and the use of weight machines. Swimming is an excellent exercise, as it works out all muscle groups and really gets the heart going. Moreover, with swimming there is a reduced risk of injury since the body weight is supported. This translates into making swimming an excellent choice for those with joint injuries or joint pain.

Using Weight Machines

Weight machines are usually going to be a preferable option for the elderly and another smart choice for senior active living. Weight machines virtually eliminate the risk of dropping a weight and dramatically decrease the risk of using improper form. Regardless of age, many people fail to see and understand the great importance of proper form when it comes to weight lifting.

If one weight lifts with improper form, two potential problems can arise. The first is the risk of injury. If you are injured you can’t get fit! An injury can also greatly impact your senior mobility. The second potential issue is that when improper form is used, other muscle groups are incorporated into the exercise. Ultimately, this can reduce the effectiveness of any exercise.

Exploring Your Senior Active Living Options

Other beneficial and highly recommended over 65 exercises include walking, water aerobics, tai chi and yoga. The fact that exercise can have such a dramatic impact on senior health is very good news. Those looking to improve their health will be quite pleased to hear that they can indeed do so at any age!



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