How can I continue to live at home?

by User Not Found | Jun 01, 2011

In-home senior care which offers assisted living can be an invaluable service, allowing you to remain in your own familiar senior home surroundings for as long as possible. More and more communities are realizing what valued members seniors are to their neighborhoods. Many seniors are long-term residents, and have literally helped make their community what it is today. Because of this, when the community can step up to offer assisted living help and allow older residents to age in place, everybody wins.

Assisted living, in the form of in-home care, can allow many seniors to at least postpone having to sell their home which they may have lived in for decades. Family, friends and neighbors can come together and help make the home more senior-friendly by doing such relatively simple things as building a ramp, widening doors, installing a walk-in-tub and installing grab bars where needed.  A Certified Aging in Place Specialist in your community can offer invaluable suggestions as to what needs to be done and how the modifications should be accomplished. While we may normally think of assisted living as living somewhere else with assistance, living at home with assistance seems to make more sense, overall.  

Assisted Living as Prevention to Isolation and Loneliness

Some 76 million baby boomers are aging, meaning that assisted living for seniors will become more and more important. While most seniors would choose to remain in their own homes, there can be a downside to aging in place in the form of social isolation, and potentially poor health care.  Even though you may be able to remain in your own home, you don’t want to do so at the expense of your mental health.

If you are unable to get out of your home and don’t have regular assisted living care to enable you to get out and have those invaluable social interactions, you may find yourself depressed and lonely. Assisted living can include family, friends and neighbors who schedule times to come by and pick you up, taking you on an outing, or even to run errands to the grocery store, bank, and senior center. You might also be able to visit old friends who are also unable to leave their homes due to health issues.  

Of equal importance is having your friends and family visit you in your home, pitching in to take care of housekeeping, cooking or home maintenance tasks you may be having difficulty with. Keeping yourself mentally alive is every bit as important as keeping your body healthy, and care by friends and family in the form of assisted living is an excellent way to keep your brain healthy and engaged.

Assisted Living for Healthy Seniors

Assisted living can also offer considerable health benefits, especially when it includes the various forms of home health care available in your particular neighborhood. You can have assisted living health care that is as simple as someone dropping by to take your blood pressure or monitor your blood sugar (for diabetics). Alternately, you can have more in-depth services, such as ones which include more complex medical procedures.

The Financial Benefits of Assisted Living Senior Care

Leaving your long-time home—which is probably paid for—to go into a nursing home, can cause significant financial hardships. You may find that it is much less expensive over the long run to create a network of dependable, assisted living care services that offer you exactly the level of care and socialization you want and need, while allowing you to maintain your independence and health. More than 85% of all seniors in the United States would prefer to remain in their own homes, and in-home senior care can allow this dream to be a reality. If these seniors have lots of support in place, including a neighborhood and community who care about their elderly residents, then aging in place makes perfect sense, both financially and logistically.



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