10 things you need to know about Medicaid

by User Not Found | May 24, 2011

If you live in the United States, at some point, you have likely heard about Medicaid services. However, due to the fact that this program can be complicated to understand, many seniors are left wondering about the details of this program including Medicaid qualification.  This article will explore the top 10 things that you need to know about Medicaid.  

1. Medicaid qualification includes people with low assets

A variety of different types of people with low assets are qualified to receive Medicaid services.  These people include children, pregnant women, disabled people and seniors who need assistance with nursing homes or long-term care facilities

2. Medicaid benefits

Once you are enrolled in Medicaid, the program will cover any services that you have had for the last three months.   There are over 25 different categories for eligibility.  Medicaid covers a wide variety of healthcare services including impatient and outpatient services, home healthcare, lab tests and X-rays and ambulatory services. 

3. Medicaid nursing home coverage

If you are eligible for Medicaid nursing home coverage, it will cover all of the costs of your nursing home care.   Typically, residents keep about $66 per month to cover other expenses.  In order to receive Medicaid qualifications for this assistance, you must meet the low-income requirements and you must select a Medicaid licensed facility. 

4. Receiving Medicaid and Medicare Qualification at the same time

You can use both programs at the same time.  Medicare services will first cover the costs.  Any remaining charges will then get passed down to Medicaid. 

5. Payments go to providers, not you

One simple fact about Medicaid to note is that you will not directly receive a check for your benefits.  Instead, the funds will be directly sent to your health providers. 

6. There are penalties for trying to go around the system

Medicaid Planning is when an attorney helps elderly people to artificially impoverish themselves and assign their savings to others in their family.  However, Medicaid has enacted a transfer penalty that applies to people who transfer assets.   It is a good idea to get an elder law attorney to help you to understand this situation. 

7. Transfers can impact your children

In keeping with the transfer penalties, if you transfer money to your children to qualify for Medicaid services, this can end up with negative consequences.  First of all, these assets won’t appreciate in value.  For example, if your child sells a property, he or she will end up paying far more for taxes. 

8. Medicaid services and benefits vary by state

Depending on the state in which you live in, the Medicaid program may work differently due to the fact that Medicaid is a federal-state run program.  Each state has different criteria for what economic situation qualifies as “impoverished.”  Federal money pays for about half of the cost of Medicaid, and the state pays the rest. 

9. Get help from an expert in Medicaid

Some seniors turn to their CPA or financial advisor for help with Medicaid eligibility rules and enrollment.  However, the fact is that Medicaid services are complicated and the rules are constantly changing.  Therefore, you should find someone who specializes in handling this area.  

10.  Make sure you get all the forms you need

Indeed your state’s Medicaid website does have a wide variety of forms.  This website  should assist you to understand Medicaid.  However, if you need some personalized help to assist you with all the details, don’t hesitate to ask for help.  You can also contact the Medicaid Services Center directly with your questions.



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