Top mobility aids for seniors

by the Editor, SeniorInsider | Jun 02, 2011

With the assistance from a mobility aid or two, you can do your best to fight back against the years. While living every day can be an adventure, getting older can definitely have its challenges. That being said, you can choose to do everything possible to make the aging process easier and less disruptive.

What is a Mobility Aid?

You might hear the term “mobility aid” and wonder just what is meant by it. While everyone might get a different image in their mind when they hear the term, in its simplest form any mobility aid is simply a tool that can make your life easier. It can be anything that helps you stay active and engaged in your life. The category includes devices like stair lifts and motorized scooters as well.

The concept behind mobility aids for elderly citizens is to address those areas of life that suffer as a result of age, inactivity, disease, disability and anything else that can impair your ability to function as you once did.

Mobility Aid for Walking

Unexpected falls that cause injury are one of the major reasons older people need assistance with their mobility. These often happen in the home, but can realistically happen anywhere. A mobility aid can help provide mobility and stability while following an injury.

A cane is probably one of the oldest and most common stability tools there is. This simple tool has been in use for generations and still makes the list as one of the top aids for elderly residents. The design of a basic cane has been unchanged for centuries. However, there are also newer versions of the cane that have been developed in recent years in an attempt to provide new levels of stability. For example, a four-footed version of the cane is now quite common among the senior population.

There are multiple versions of the “walker”. This mobility aid, by its very name, was created to provide support and stability for anyone needing assistance while walking. It now comes in many varied forms, from a simple aluminum device with handles and four legs, to a deluxe rolling model with a seat and a basket.

Important Aids for Elderly Balance

While there can be many factors that contribute to a fall, loss of balance is one of the most common. That’s why any mobility aid that helps with balance is of value. While all walking aids will all assist in this area, there are other times when specific aids are needed to help maintain your balance.

In many cases the elderly will fall as they get out of a chair. The process of quickly going from sitting to standing can cause anyone to become dizzy, no matter what his or her age is. For an older person, getting in and out of a chair can become an issue that has effects beyond balance. For this reason power lift chairs have become very useful as aids for elderly residents of retirement homes. As the price of these chairs has become more reasonable, it is now feasible for many seniors to be able to afford a lift chair for their home.

Additional Aids for Elderly People at Home

Making your home as comfortable as possible while still maintaining safety as you age is getting easier all the time. There are now so many options for home modification that it makes staying in your home longer much more realistic for many.

This can include such aids for elderly homeowners as grab bars in the bathroom to help with entering and exiting the tub and shower safely. Also useful for the bathroom are riser seats for the toilet that can make use of this facility easier to manage.

Considered by many to be the most useful mobility aid for seniors is the “grabber” or “reacher” tool. This implement gives you a way to reach for items that are either too low to bend for or too high to reach. By minimizing bending down and being unable to get back up, or trying to reach too high and losing balance, the “grabber” allows you to stand safely while still reaching items that you need.

The reality is that any tool that aids the elderly in staying safely in their home for a longer period of time should be considered useful and a top mobility aid.



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