Are you too old to get married?

by the Editor, SeniorInsider | May 31, 2011

Seniors often have questions about senior dating, such as "Am I too old to get married?" The answer may surprise you. People of even advanced ages, such as 90 and even 100, do, in fact, get married. Getting married isn't just for young people! While dating at any age can be both exciting and tricky, there is also little doubt that it is worthwhile. Marriage is something you should at least consider, no matter what your age might be.

Medical science has shown that there are substantial benefits to be had from getting and staying married. In this article, we will look at some of those practical benefits and discuss the fact that senior dating often does lead to marriage.

Senior Dating, Marriage and Longevity

There are proven benefits to marriage, and there is no law that states that those benefits end at a given age. Senior dating and marriage actually makes a great degree of sense on numerous levels. For example, many seniors find that they are often lonely and lack companionship. This point serves to highlight just how much sense senior dating makes. Two lonely people getting together in the spirit of love is always a good thing.

Romance and Practicalities of Senior Dating

Now no one wants to dismiss romance, but it is important to point out that with senior dating and romance, there are some real practicalities as well. Having someone to lean on and turn to for support in old age is a savvy move and one that benefits everyone involved.

Among the practicalities of senior dating are health insurance, tax breaks and employer benefits. Two single people cannot share the same tax returns or health insurance plans. Due to the fact that health insurance is one of the most costly items that seniors face, it makes a good deal of sense for marriage to allow people to share the same plan.

If you are a senior and are not dating, it is important to consider what is holding you back. Why opt for being alone if there are other options? This is not to state that you should "shack up" with the first person that comes along, but why not explore your options?

Supporting Senior Dating

If you are a relative of a senior who expresses interest in dating, the last thing you should do is be discouraging. Sons and daughters might have some trouble thinking of their parents finding them a new stepmother or stepfather at 86, for example. But being happy and cared for is important. Your number one priority for your loved ones should be their happiness and well being and being married will contribute to both.

Senior Dating Options

You might even want to consider taking the initiative to encourage your single senior relatives to get out there and date. There are many options for dating, whether they are online or through community groups. Internet dating is vastly different and more pronounced than it was just 10 years ago, and that means a much more robust infrastructure is in place. Plus, seniors who are living in retirement communities often feel as though it is extremely easy to meet singles.

Today's dating sites cater to people of all ages and, in fact, some websites even specialize specifically in Internet dating for seniors. Through this means, participants can focus their search on just older singles. By investing the time to encourage your loved ones to look for love in their senior years, you may improve their quality of life and maybe even increase their life spans.

Why Wait? Explore Senior Dating

If you are a senior, there is no real reason to wait in terms of exploring senior dating. As we just discussed, the Internet options alone are quite staggering today. You will likely be able to find websites that will be able to help you get out there and date and maybe even meet the new love of your life.



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