Enjoying sex later in life

by the Editor, SeniorInsider | May 31, 2011

Sex in old age, like sex in general, tends to be a subject that people shy away from. However, studies have consistently shown that seniors frequently have very active and healthy sex lives and that their sex lives do continue well into their advanced years and even beyond. While this fact certainly may surprise many younger people, seniors know that sex in old age is far from being uncommon or an oddity. The simple fact is that you can enjoy sex later in life and don’t have to feel as though your age is a limiting factor.

Sex in Old Age-Don't Be Embarrassed

Somehow our society has produced a climate where many seniors are embarrassed by the fact that they are having sex. This is, of course, nonsense, and you should in no way feel embarrassed by the fact that sex in old age is part of your life. Now this doesn't mean that you should take out ads in your local newspaper advertising the fact that you are having sex and how many times a month you are doing it. Yet, you shouldn't feel ashamed in any way either.

Sex is a normal part of life and a healthy way for people to express their feelings for one another. There is no logical reason (barring direct doctor's orders) that you should be giving up sex! If you currently do not have a partner, why not consider all the great senior dating options out there?

Further, sex is good for you. Therefore, much like exercising, even if you are not in the mood to have sex, you should try to proceed anyhow. Chances are that once you have started, you will not regret it. While physical issues may interfere with erections and lubrication, these are topics that you should feel free to discuss with your doctor.

Sex in Old Age is Your Business Alone

Don't let the fact that society often wants to treat sex in old age as though it doesn't exist or poke fun at it sway you from having a healthy sex life. You've made it to retirement and that, of course, means that you can live your life as you see fit. After all, you've earned it.

Sex in old age isn't something you need to ask permission to do to do or should feel odd about. Think about it for a second, who has the right to tell you what to do with your sex life? The answer is no one. In short, your sex life is your business, plain and simple!

You Can Enjoy Sex Later in Life

Sometimes seniors get the wrong idea about sex in old age believing that once they reach retirement age or even near retirement age that "sex is off the table" for them, but this is completely inaccurate. Seniors need to be a guard against falling for this notion as it isn't accurate, nor is it healthy. Somehow the mythology and stereotypes that sex is over for seniors endures.

The world of celebrities provides us ample examples of people that are clearly having sex and even having children later in life. Thus, we know that it happens! If people try to convince you that you shouldn't be having sex with your spouse, then just dismiss this for what it is, ridiculous, and move on.

Practicing Safe Sex

If you’ve been out of the dating circuit for a while you want to know that practicing safe sex is more important than ever. Seniors have one of the highest incidences of sexually transmitted diseases, largely because they were off the market for a while and things have changed a bit since they last dated. Always assume that you could get an STD and use safe sex practices, even though you think you’ve grown out of it.



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