Rekindling love after retirement

by The Editor, SeniorInsider | Jun 02, 2011

There are no written or unwritten laws that state that over 50 dating and older singles are "off the table."  The fact is that people of every age are in the dating game, and there is no reasonable reason that this shouldn't include you or a loved one.  In this article, we will explore the idea of rekindling love after retirement and just how you can go about it.  

Meeting Older Singles Online

Luckily, over 50 dating and older singles dating is easier than any other time in history, thanks to the Internet.  The days of waiting around to just randomly meet someone or having a "friend of a friend" fix you up on a blind date is most definitely a thing of the past.

Over 50 Dating and Older Singles Dating Options and Avenues

No doubt the dating scene has changed tremendously in the last 20 years and in particular in the last 10years.  If you haven't been single lately, then you might not understand how the Internet and the widespread social acceptance of Internet dating quite literally changed everything.  

The old dynamics that you might remember from your teens, 20s or even your 50s are simply a thing of the past.  Today, the options for Internet dating are nothing short of staggering.  This is a very good thing for over older singles looking to get back into the "dating game."

What You Need to Know About Meeting Older Singles

Dating has certainly changed thanks to the Internet, but that doesn't mean people have.  In this regard, dating will be the same as it ever was, but you will have many more options and will be able to meet people in an easier fashion and with much more speed!  Common sense and good judgment should be exercised just as with any dating experience.  

In fact, the anonymous nature of Internet dating might actually be a radical departure from what you previously experienced.  Your previous dating experiences may have been more traditional in terms of meeting your partner at school, on the job, in church or through friends.  In this fashion, you knew something about the person and often an extended social network or support network validated certain things.  However, with Internet dating this is a thing of the past, so while the options are exciting, do exercise a reasonable degree of caution even with senior dating.

Explore All of Your Over 50 Dating Options

In no way, shape or form is Internet dating the only option that is available when it comes to over 50 dating and older singles dating.  All the "old ways" of meeting people are still alive and well.  You can meet people at church, at retirement communities or through friends, but remember that this is only the tip of the iceberg.  

Explore other options such as low-cost continuing education classes or even consider taking a class at your local junior college, not just to meet the future Mr. or Mrs., but also to expand your existing social network.  These are easy ways that you can meet more people and increase your dating options.  The more people you know, the more likely you will be introduced to “the one.

Skip the Fear

Maybe it’s been a few years, but you shouldn't let your fear of the concept of dating and meeting new people scare you off from the idea.  More than likely, there are plenty of people just like you who haven't dated in a while and might feel a little "rusty."  Ignore your fear and just embrace the new experiences and possibilities, as you might just find your new best friend.



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